Princess the Cat.

Can Princess the Cat save the neighborhood every time? If you and your children like animals, action, and laughing yourselves silly, then you'll love this perfect-for-all-ages series.


Princess the Cat versus Snarl the Coyote (Book 1).

Can Princess train a kitten, control her kingdom, and save the neighborhood all at the same time?

Princess the Cat Saves the Farm (Book 2).

Book Two in the Princess the Cat Series.

Princess the Cat meets farm animals while on vacation in the country. Enemies threaten the farm. When Princess encounters a long lost friend, she learns that more is at stake than just the farm. Entangled in a knotted yarn of lies, can Princess win the trust of the farm animals to save the farm, and even the world?

Princess the Cat Defeats the Emperor (Book 3).

The snootiest cat, a mysterious new neighbor, and a spy plot is hatched…

Princess the cat discovers that the new neighbor may be her worst enemy yet-and the most powerful. She receives a secret message from a spy, a friend goes missing, and she uncovers a traitor in her own domain. Can Princess defeat an enemy with unheard of powers and strength?

Princess the Cat: The First Trilogy (Books 1-3).

One snooty cat. Two sidekicks. Three adventures...

Get three perfect-for-all-ages adventures in one volume.



Princess the Cat Liberates Paris (Book 4).

Princess the Cat flies first-class to Paris!

The same lurking dangers in America also threaten Paris… Rats! The King of Paris is not what he seems, and it may be too late.